Running at 10AM for Weight Loss

Running at 10AM for Weight Loss

Yes, it's great to run at 10 am for weight loss.

But, as a runner, you must consider things like the sun will be bright after 10 am. Plus, if you don't have any work or social commitments at this time of day, it's okay to run at 10 am.

Many morning runners start early as they have a busy schedule for the day. Also, many enjoy evening or night running to enjoy less traffic, better temperature, and quiet.

But setting a running time depends on your schedule and preferences. So, let's know more about 10 am runs.

What are the Advantages of a Morning workout?

Your daily routine of morning runs around 10 am sets your circadian rhythms in place. For example, circadian rhythm tells the body is most active at 10 am.

The mid-morning runs mean you went to bed at night on time. Also, you can boost your performance with maximum energy after sufficient sleep and meals.

Another good thing about mid-afternoon runs is that you have a high body temperature. So, you don't have to push yourself for morning exercises like running.

What are the Advantages of a Morning workout

It also has many health benefits. A good run in the morning means your body is always warmed up. It helps to bring blood pressure in range.

More oxygen in the surroundings increases the oxygen in your blood vessels. Also, there is an increase in blood flow which improves blood pressure.

Plus, it's best for maintaining blood sugar. This is because you are more energetic and active in the late morning, which leads to burning muscle glycogen stores and improves insulin efficiency.

Also, hormone levels like testosterone and cortisol are active, which boosts energy. Plus, you are a night owl and wake up late; you can run at 10 am.

What You Need To Know

If you are planning to run at 10 am, you must consider some factors like:

  • The blazing heat of the sun.
  • Traffic
  • Your routine should match the workout time.

There is an ongoing debate on morning runs vs evening runs. Many runners have hectic schedules day at day and love to run late evening or night.

Thanks to efficient light like NightBuddy™ 230º LED Headlamp with sensor controls, a good battery, and illumination settings. You can run at night fearlessly.

There are reasons that you may choose evening or nighttime because there is no traffic, the best temperature, and calmness.

Plus, the low light helps you to work on your reflexes, agility, and alertness. Also, whatever the timing is, you must carry proper gear like headlamps, reflective clothing, self-protection tools, and devices.

So, choose your runs according to your schedules and like. The tip is to stay safe and confident.


What should I eat before morning runs?

Your daily activity of running in the mid-afternoon means you need more energy. You can have meals before 2 hours of this physical activity. Options like oats, whole grain toast with eggs, granola, bagels, or smoothies are great. Also, have something nutritious for post-running for a lunch break.

How to warm up before morning runs?

You should try a form of exercise that helps bring additional energy. The best activities are hip rotation, knee circles, forward signs, leg swings, etc.

Do I need to drink water before a morning run?

Yes, as a morning runner, you should have plenty of water. It helps you stay hydrated and keep up your energy levels.

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