When Should I Run To Sleep? - 5 Factors to Consider

When Should I run to Sleep

You can run at night to have quality sleep.

Running at any time can improve your quality and hours of sleep.

It is a good physical activity that tires you out and relieves stress and anxiety. Plus, it further helps you to have adequate sleep.

But, you can maximise the benefits with a regular running effort at night. You will have a better temperature, no traffic, and crowd, and the best environment.

Also, you may have a busy schedule during the day, so this is the best time to have a great run.

Keep reading to learn more about running, sleep, and other crucial factors.

How Running at Night Promotes Sleep Quality

Running can improve sleep at night in many ways:

#1 It Helps you Relieve Stress

Running at night has many benefits for your mental health. A good run can help you relieve stress after spending the whole day.

It helps you by shedding out all your thoughts. Also, after running, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol and endorphins.

In this way, you take no baggage to sleep. All this will improve your deep sleep.

#2 Your Core Body Temperature is High Which Helps you Follow Workout Plan

Do you find it tough to run in the morning? According to sleep experts, the reason is your body temperature.

Your body temperature is low in the morning, and starting any workout is tough. That's why you take a hot shower to activate it.

But your core body temperature is high in the evening, and you can swing to exercise mode. It helps you don't skip the evening exercise, which improves the quality of sleep.

Plus, running is an aerobic exercise that increases heart rates. Also, it improves cortisol levels. All this leads to a better sleep schedule.

Safety Tips for Nighttime Avid Runners

Safety Tips for Nighttime Avid Runners

Here are some safety tips for runners to improve their athletic performance:

#1 Carry Lights

You can carry a bright light with a good battery and fit. You can try NightBuddy™ 230º LED Headlamp, which has the best fit, sensor controls, and battery life.

Also, you can carry a NightBuddy Military Grade Tactical Flashlight for bright illumination. Make sure you carry extra batteries, charge them and have illumination.

#2 Take Protection Measures

The night run is great as it's peaceful and helps you develop your skill. But, this vigorous exercise at night means you must protect yourself.

You could carry a GPS-enabled fully charged phone with a power bank. Also, download offline maps and activate safety apps. Plus, inform your friends or family about the route.

You should study the route, wildlife, and terrains. Also, you should check the weather forecast.

You must carry protective tools like knives, pepper spray, etc.

#3 Wear Run Friendly Clothing

Your clothing must be noticeable. You can try reflective armbands and clothes having reflective stripes.

Also, you can wear NightBuddy™ BeanieLamp. If you plan to camp after running, carry a NightBuddy Rechargeable LED Lantern for illumination.

Finally, the Benefits of Running

Here are some benefits of running:

  • It helps you manage your blood pressure and blood glucose levels.
  • This running training routine helps you to achieve recommended 8-10 hours of sleep.
  • It sets your circadian rhythms in place.
  • Running is great for cardiovascular health and immune health.
  • After vigorous activity, muscle growth takes place during sleep. It reduces the risk of injury.

Running at night helps you improve your irregular sleep schedules. Remember to warm up, eat healthy and carry protective gear. You will surely enjoy the running time and have a good sleep at night.

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