Buying Guide for Tactical Flashlights Online: 2023 Guide

Buying Guide for Tactical Flashlights Online

Handheld flashlights are powerful tools that should be in every house, every car, and every establishment.

Their use isn't restricted to those who love adventure. Those who venture may do so in the dark, but when electricity shuts off for any reason, the dark will come straight to you even at home.

Because of that, you should consider getting a tactical light as, compared to a normal flashlight, it provides a flood beam.

Now that you've landed on the best buying guide for tactical flashlights online, here are the eight things you should aim to have in your next flashlight tactical buddy.

best buying guide for tactical flashlights online

1. Light Output

The primary function of a tactical flashlight is to provide you with illumination. That illumination is decided by how many "lumens" the flashlight produces.

More lumens means a stronger light output. So, naturally, you'd want your flashlight to have as many lumens as possible. However, more lumens also mean more toll on the battery life, which can render the light useless if it can't stay on for extended periods.

Military-grade flashlights can go up to 3,000 lumens. Although this will provide superior illumination, it'll often come with bulkier designs that'll heat up and drain your battery quickly.

As such, your flashlight lumen output should stick around 1,000 lumens, as that's the sweet spot where you can get the maximum illumination for the most duration.

2. Light Modes

Advanced tactical flashlights often come with various light modes. This will allow you to reduce the output to save the battery, increase the output for better illumination, or use pre-set safety modes like the SOS light mode.

While the presence of these modes is considered a luxury by some people, it can still be one of the primary requirements for those who spend a long time hunting or camping.

Hunters may sometimes get chased by larger animals, and a strong light beam could scare away predators and give you an early warning before it's too late.

Also, campers tend to spend a long time without electricity, and the low light mode will provide just enough to show them around without wasting battery.

3. Beam Distance

Bright light is great, but how far can it go? Always try to get yourself a tactical flashlight that'll brightly illuminate at least 100 meters ahead, if not more.

Distance isn't the only thing you should consider. The ability to "focus" the light on various objects at various distances should also be in your mind while buying.

4. Battery

All the options in the world won't be of use if the tactical flashlight doesn't have enough power to utilize them. As such, selecting a flashlight with a durable, long-lasting battery is essential.

Normally, you should aim for a battery life that lasts at least five hours. Needless to say, the more the better.

Also, if you could get a flashlight with a rechargeable battery, you'd be doing yourself a huge favor.

5. Water Resistance

Unlike regular flashlights, tactical flashlights will see a lot of action. People often take them on camping trips, fishing adventures, and hunting tours.

As such, the flashlight should have some degree of resistance against water, if not fully waterproof.

Water resistance tactical flashlights

6. Portability

Tactical lights are made to make your life easier, not complicate things by being hard to carry around.

Accordingly, tactical flashlights should be lightweight, reasonably sized, and fit into most pockets and small bags.

A flashlight weighing below 20 ounces should fit into the lightweight category. As for the dimensions, your flashlight should be no more than eight inches long and three inches wide to be easily storable.

7. Durability

A tactical flashlight should be a lot more durable than its regular counterpart. As such, it should be made from strong materials that can withstand falls, excessive heat, weather elements, and accidental bumps.

Some of these flashlights could even be used to break your car window if you're in a pickle. That's why you should never opt for a weak build.

8. Grip

Never go for smoothly crafted flashlights. A tactical flashlight should have serrations to provide a better grip.

This is especially important for those who get their hands dirty or wet during their adventures. There's no use for a non-serrated flashlight that keeps slipping out of your hands.

What Is the Best Tactical Flashlight?

Best Tactical Flashlight

The best flashlight choice currently in the market is NightBuddy™ Tactical Flashlight. This powerful tactical flashlight ticks all the boxes mentioned above.

Bright Lights

For starters, it emits a powerful lumen output with a beam distance of up to an entire mile ahead! Imagine holding a mini flashlight with a beam intensity reaching over 1,600 meters!

Battery Life

The flashlight relies on LED (light emitting diode) illumination and packs a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can last up to eight hours on average settings.

Light Modes

NightBuddy's flashlight comes with five different modes of light, including low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe modes, for maximum versatility.

Water Resistance

This tactical light has an IP65 rating, which makes it water-resistant. It's not supposed to be submerged under water, but it'll handle splatter and rain like they're nothing.


This flashlight weighs 16 ounces, making it as lightweight as a tablet! The dimensions are also fairly small at around 6.54 x 2.36 inches. So it can fit in your bag without issues.

Premium Quality Build

Are you stuck in your car or trying to break a window to save someone stuck in a car? Don't waste time looking for a heavy object. Pull up NightBuddy's flashlight and hit the glass with the front side.

The strong build will shatter the glass in a few hits and remain functional.

The Bottom Line

Getting your next (or first) tactical flashlight is simple. Find a tactical flashlight that meets all the requirements mentioned above, and you're good to go. It's that simple.

The best suggestion we can give you is Night Buddy's flashlight. It's strong, reliable, water resistant, grippy, rechargeable, and super portable.

Pair that flashlight with your Night Buddy™ 230° Headlamp and you'll have the best possible night illumination available.

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