The 5 Best Night Running Gear for Summer - Ultimate Guide [2023]

Best Night Running Gear for Summer

5 Best Night Running Accessories for Summer

Running in the summer, even at night, can be brutal. With heat waves hitting almost every couple of weeks, it can be hard to stay dry, hydrated, and, above all, motivated.

One thing that can help make it easier is great running gear.

The best night running gear for summer prevents you from sweating too much, provides extra comfort and support, and keeps you visible and safe on the road. Running gear can vary from running apparel to a hydration pack or a headlamp.

Each type of gear has a unique benefit that can make your run more enjoyable. In this article, we'll cover the best gear you can find in each category. Let's jump in!

Overview of the Best Night Running Gear for Summer

Here are our top picks for the best running gear for hot summer nights:

  1. NightBuddy 230º LED Headlamp – Most Essential

  2. On Cloudflyer - Best Running Shoes

  3. Patagonia Slope Runner Endurance Vest - Best Hydration Pack

  4. Amphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus Belt - Best No-Frills Belt

  5. Injinji NuWool Lightweight No-Show - Best Running Socks

The 5 Best Night Running Gear for Summer in 2023

We've compiled a list of the best running gear for summer nights from each category. These five products hit all of our checklists in terms of quality, breathability, and overall cost-effectiveness.

1. NightBuddy 230º LED Headlamp – Most Essential

NightBuddy 230º LED Headlamp

The NightBuddy 230º LED Headlamp is our top pick for the best gear for nighttime summer running. This beacon of a headlamp gives off ultra-wide illumination of up to 328 feet thanks to its main headlight in front and the LED lights on the sides.

You'll be able to see far and be visible from great distances.

There are four different brightness settings and a flashlight setting to choose from. The highest mode comes in at 350 lumens, which is pretty bright. There's also a red light mode to reduce glare and repel insects and wildlife.

To turn the headlamp on or off, all you have to do is wave your hand in front of the side sensor. This lets you run safely in low light conditions without needing to stop to adjust your running gear.

The NightBuddy is made from durable, ultralight materials that won't make you sweat in hot weather, unlike most summer running apparel. It comes with a secure-fit headband that lets you tailor its size and tightness to fit your head or helmet.

It won't slip off your head or knock into anything, thanks to its unique "zero-bounce" design.

The Nightbuddy 230º LED Headlamp features a rechargeable, USB Type C-compatible battery pack with a battery life ranging from three to eight hours, depending on the brightness setting. It's perfect for long runs or outdoor activities at night.


  • A sleek, modern, "zero-bounce" design prevents bumping

  • Sturdy, ultralight build that doesn't make you sweat in hot weather running

  • Adjustable headband for a tailored, comfortable fit

  • Ultra-wide illumination with five different settings and a red light mode


  • Might take time to get used to the motion-activated on/off sensor

2. On Cloudflyer – Best Running Shoes

 On Cloudflyer

Running at night in hot weather and low light conditions is already hard enough. Even without the sun, runners start sweating within minutes because of the summer heat.

Wearing breathable-fabric running shoes like the On Cloudflyer can help keep your feet cool. It also has added supportive cushioning in the wide outsole with springy, hollow foam parts that keep your step light and breezy even on long runs.

It comes in six different colors, with several of them having a bright orange heel, which is great for running at night.

The On Cloudflyer is one of the best gears to wear if you want to stay dry and comfy on summer runs.


  • Breathable fabric prevents sweat and keeps runners' feet dry

  • Supportive cushioning is perfect for runners who enjoy a long run

  • Six different color options


  • Not considered reflective gear, so it should be worn with other running gear to be seen

3. Patagonia Slope Runner Endurance Vest – Best Hydration Pack

Patagonia Slope Runner Endurance Vest

It's easy to sweat out a lot of fluids and electrolytes while running in the summer heat. So sports drinks and water bottles are an absolute necessity for runners.

Hydration packs, such as the Patagonia Vest, are the best solution for staying hydrated on the road.

The Patagonia Vest comes with two 500ml water bottles that fit snugly into the front chest pockets. It also has deep pockets that allow you to store all kinds of items you might need during a run, like energy bars. On the back, there's a large zippered pocket for secure storage.

The Patagonia Vest is the best lightweight running gear for runners who carry multiple bottles and need an extra pocket or two to keep their items safe.


  • Two chest pockets, each carrying a 500-ml HydraPak® water bottle

  • Extra pockets for storing items

  • Breathable, lightweight, and non-restrictive materials


  • Less adjustable than most running clothes

4. Amphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus Belt - Best No-Frills Belt

Amphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus Belt

If you're going for a short run and don't need to carry a water bottle, having a running belt like the Amphipod is a great way to store your belongings.

This no-frills running belt comes with a zippered mesh-lined pocket for storing your phone, keys, and headphones.

You can slip it on in seconds using the quick-click buckle, and it'll stay firmly in place as you run without bouncing or bothering you whatsoever.

The Amphipod is light and easy to wear; you won't even remember it's on your waist.


  • Zippered mesh-line pocket for storing valuables

  • Lightweight

  • Stays in place as you run


  • Simple design, nothing fancy

5. Injinji NuWool Lightweight No-Show - Best Running Socks

 Injinji NuWool Lightweight No-Show

If you're running in hot summer weather, you might want to grab a nice pair of running socks to go with your shoes.

These socks by Injinji are ultralight and made from thin, merino wool infused with Coolmax fiber, which keeps your skin cool and dry.

Don't be fooled into thinking wool equals heat. It's uniquely designed with the right combination of fabrics to allow quick drying and prevent odor build-up after a long run.

The Injinji boasts a five-toe patented design made for runners and hikers. The solid support zones protect your feet from blisters and hotspots while running.


  • Coolmax fiber dries quickly and keeps your feet cool

  • Prevents blisters and hotspots

  • Can be used without running shoes and on different surfaces


  • The five-toe design could take some getting used to

Factors to Consider When Buying Running Gear

Factors to Consider When Buying Running Gear

Choosing the right gear for running at night in the summer can be tricky. Here are some factors that can help you decide.

1. Gear Visibility - Stay Safe

Running when the sun is down or in low light conditions means you're not very visible. To make sure ongoing traffic can see you a mile away, opt for reflective running gear or a headlamp with flashing lights and other similar equipment.

Reflective Running Gear

Reflective clothing is useful, but you'll only be visible when there's a light source aimed at you, like car headlights. Even the best reflective running gear will be useless if you're running in pitch-black conditions.


Headlamps like the NightBuddy 230º LED Headlamp are the safer option for runners because you become a light source. This helps drivers spot you from a distance, especially when you're a sphere of light moving in the dark.

If you want to explore your headlamp options, keep these factors in mind while shopping.

2. Water Storage - Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is crucial even when it's dark out. If you're going for a long run, always remember to bring a water bottle with you.

Some running gear, like a hydration pack, have handy little pockets for carrying your bottle and energy drinks.

You can also bring quick-dissolve hydration tablets, which provide electrolytes that can prevent cramping.

3. Breathability - Stay Cool

Even people who seem to never sweat have trouble staying dry on late summer runs. So pick breathable, mesh-lined running clothes that feel comfortable and keep your skin cool and dry.

Look for clothing with quick-drying fabrics and minimal moisture retention. The best running clothes can keep you going an extra mile or two despite the heat.

Wrapping Up

It takes a lot of time to choose running gear for summer nights. That's time you could spend on the trail, instead. If you're having difficulty choosing, we recommend going with our best overall: the NightBuddy 230º LED Headlamp.

It keeps you highly visible on the road, and your safety is more important than any feature other gears can offer. It's also extremely breathable and lightweight so you won't work up a sweat running on summer nights.

Once you've got that down, any other running gear you choose will only make your experience more enjoyable. Now that you're all geared up, you can hit the trail and chase that runner's high!

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