12 Best Headlamps For Night Fishing

Best Headlamp Brands For Night Fishing

Here's a list of the 12 most popular headlamps for night fishing in 2023! Night fishing is a favorite pastime for many outdoors enthusiasts, but it can be difficult to navigate and see what you're doing without the right tools. Headlamps are an essential tool for night fishing, allowing you to illuminate your path and see what you're doing in low-light conditions. But with so many brands available, how do you know which one is right for you?

In this article, we'll break down the 12 best headlamps for night fishing and help you choose which one is best for your next carping session.

Here’s the thing. 

When shopping for a headlamp specifically designed for night fishing (like the ones at Night Buddy), there are several factors to keep in mind.

Many anglers like headlamps with different brightness levels so they can change the light to suit their needs when creating bait, or reeling in that monster catfish.

Additionally, water resistance is also important since most people go night fishing near bodies of water. Comfort and ease of use are other key factors when picking out a headlamp.

We've made a list of the best headlamp brands for night fishing by taking all of these things into account. Read on to learn more about each brand and find out which one is right for you!

#1 Night Buddy 230 Degree Led Headlamp

Night Buddy Led Headlamp

The best headlamp for night fishing, hands down!

NightBuddy headlamps are designed specifically to provide hands-free lighting in any situation. NightBuddy 230 degree headlamps are small, lightweight, and can be charged. 

They have high-quality, super-bright lights that can be used as a flashlight or lantern in certain situations, both indoors and out. 

The built-in solar panel allows you to harness the sun's energy so that you can use your lamp for up to 20 hours without recharging it!

Also see our military grade flashlights!

#2 Black Diamond Storm 375 Lumens

Black Diamond Storm 375 Lumens

The Black Diamond Storm 375 Lumens is one of the best headlamp brands for night fishing. With a maximum of 375 lumens, this powerful headlamp is great for people who need to light up larger areas or deeper water. 

The adjustable elastic strap ensures a secure fit, and the IPX8 waterproof rating means it can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes without sustaining any damage. Other than that, the battery life is impressive, up to 200 hours on the low setting or up to 20 hours on high. 

#3 Petzl Reactik+ 300 Lumens

Petzl Reactik+ 300 Lumens

The Petzl Reactik+ 300 Lumens is one of the best headlamps for night fishing. It has a 300-lumen LED light and a beam pattern that can be changed so that the user can change how focused and bright the beam is. 

The light also has a motion sensor that adjusts the brightness when it senses movement. This makes it perfect for lighting without having to use your hands. Its maximum burn time is up to 12 hours, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or recharging your light while out on the water. 

Also, its waterproof design makes it safe to use in wet weather, and its light weight makes it easy to carry on long fishing trips. All in all, the Petzl Reactik+ 300 Lumens is ideal for night fishing due to its powerful lighting capabilities, adjustable beam pattern, and long-lasting battery life.

#4 Princeton Tec Apex Pro 750 Lumens

Princeton Tec Apex Pro 750 Lumens

When it comes to night fishing, having the best headlamp is essential. The Princeton Tec Apex Pro 750 Lumens is a great choice for those looking for a reliable headlamp for nighttime fishing. Not only does it give off good light, but it also has brightness settings that let you change the light to suit your needs. 

The Apex Pro is also water-resistant. It has an IPX7 rating, which means it can handle being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep. It also features a battery life of up to 120 hours and includes 3 AAA batteries, so you can start using it right away. 

The headlamp also has an elastic strap that you can adjust, which makes it easy and comfortable to wear. All these features make the Princeton Tec Apex Pro 750 Lumens an ideal choice for anyone who needs reliable illumination during their night fishing trips. 

Plus, with its durable construction and lightweight design, this headlamp will last you for years to come.

#5 Biolite 330 Lumens

Biolite 330 Lumens

Moving on from the Princeton Tec Apex Pro 750 Lumens, the Biolite 330 Lumens is another popular option among night fishermen. This headlamp offers an impressive 300-foot beam distance, making it ideal for night fishing. It also includes a dimming feature to control the brightness of the light and can be used as a spot or floodlight.

This headlamp is also light and easy to wear, with adjustable straps and a headband that lets air in.

The Biolite 330 Lumens also comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to five hours on high mode and seven hours on low mode, giving you plenty of time out on the water without having to worry about running out of power. 

It's also dustproof and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about bad weather or a few drops of water ruining it. With its bright light and long-lasting battery life, this headlamp is perfect for any night fisherman looking for reliable illumination out on the water.

#6 Foxelli Mx500 500 Lumens

Foxelli Mx500 500 Lumens

The Foxelli MX500 500 Lumens is one of the best headlamp brands for night fishing. Its lightweight design makes it easy to wear, and the adjustable straps allow you to get a secure fit. It has a maximum output of 500 lumens, making it bright enough to light up the darkest waters. 

The lamp also features four lighting modes, which are low, medium, high, and strobe. This allows you to switch between settings depending on what kind of environment you're in. Additionally, its waterproof capabilities make it perfect for use in wet conditions.

Overall, this headlamp is a great choice for anyone who wants to fish at night and needs a reliable source of light. Its lightweight and adjustable design makes it comfortable to wear, and its four lighting modes give you plenty of options when out on the water. 

Its waterproof capability guarantees that your lamp will stay safe even in wet conditions, and its brightness ensures that you can see what's ahead with ease.

#7 Light & Motion Solite 250 Lumen

Light & Motion Solite 250 Lumen

The Light & Motion Solite 250 Lumen is one of the best headlamp brands for night fishing. It has a comfortable and adjustable headband and is great for anglers who need a reliable light source that will last a long time. 

The Solite 250 Lumen has a powerful beam that can shine up to 255 lumens. This gives a lot of light in any low-light situation. The headlamp also has three light settings and an ultra-wide floodlight, which can be adjusted to suit different needs.

What's more, the rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours on its maximum setting, so you won't have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of your night fishing adventure. All in all, the Solite 250 Lumen is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality headlamp with plenty of power and reliability.

#8 Coast Hp14 220 Lumen

Coast Hp14 220 Lumen

The Coast HP14 220 Lumen is one of the best headlamp brands for night fishing. It offers a bright white LED light that casts a wide beam and has a run time of up to 11 hours. The headlamp also has four different modes, including high, medium, low, and strobe.

It is constructed from durable plastic and features a comfortable headband for easy portability. It is also waterproof up to 1 meter and comes with three AAA batteries that are easy to swap out.

Overall, the Coast HP14 220 Lumen is a great choice for fishing at night because it has a bright LED light, a long run time, multiple lighting levels, and a strong design. It's also easy to carry and cheap, making it a great choice for any angler who wants to go fishing in the dark.

#9 Energizer Vision Hd+ Focusable 500 Lumen

Energizer Vision Hd+ Focusable 500 Lumen

Moving on to another top-rated headlamp brand, Energizer has a Vision HD+ Focusable 500 Lumen model that is the ideal choice for night fishing. It features four different light modes and a comfortable, adjustable head strap that won't slip or slide while you're fishing.

This headlamp also has a 200-meter beam distance and can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees, which makes it very versatile. 

With 500 lumens of brightness, you'll be able to easily see in the dark and have more success catching fish. The battery life is also impressive and will last up to 20 hours on low mode and up to 6 hours on high mode. 

Lastly, this headlamp meets IPX4 standards for water resistance, so it can handle splashes of water without any problems. All in all, the Energizer Vision HD+ Focusable 500 Lumen model is an excellent choice for serious night fishermen who need the most reliable lighting available.

#10 Olight H2r Nova 2300 Lumen

Olight H2r Nova 2300 Lumen

The OlightOlight H2R Nova 2300 Lumen is a great choice for night fishing. It has an impressive 2300-lumen output and features a CREE XHP50 LED bulb. 

The headlamp has five levels of brightness, ranging from 0.5 maximum lumens to 2300 maximum lumens, so you can change the amount of light depending on what you need. Its light beam can reach up to 10 meters, and its runtime is up to 2 hours at the highest setting and over 50 days at the lowest setting.

It also has a feature that helps keep it from turning on by accident when it's in a pocket or bag. 

The H2R Nova is waterproof and waterproofing, and it comes with an adjustable headband for comfort during long flights. Overall, Flight is one of the best night fishing headlamps because it is very bright, has a long range, runs for a long time, and is built to last.

#11 Streamlight 44931 Siege 540 Lumen

Streamlight 44931 Siege 540 Lumen

The Streamlight 44931 Siege 540 Lumen is an excellent headlamp choice for night fishing. It features a rechargeable battery with a run time of up to 20 hours at the lowest setting, and it’s waterproof and impact-resistant in case you drop it in the water or take a tumble while on your boat. 

The adjustable head strap ensures it stays secure when you’re casting your line and moving around on deck. The beam can also be changed from "spot" to "flood," so you can shine the light on what you're trying to catch or farther away when you're looking for movement.

Plus, its IPX7 rating means you can confidently use it in any weather condition without worrying about damage from rain or splashing waves. 

All these features make the Streamlight 44931 Siege 540 Lumen one of the best headlamps for nighttime fishing adventures.

#12 Nitecore Hc33 1800lm Headlamp

Nitecore Hc33 1800lm Headlamp

The Nitecore HC33 1800Lm Headlamp is a high-performance, lightweight headlamp designed for night fishing. It can give off a maximum of 1800 lumens and has five levels of brightness and three special modes. 

The headlamp is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries, and a good cooling system keeps it from getting too hot. It also has reverse polarity protection to make sure it works safely and keep the batteries from getting hurt. The included USB charging cable makes it easy to charge on the go.

The head of the Nitecore HC33 can be turned 180 degrees, which lets you get precise lighting when fishing at night. Its anti-reflective coating makes it less bright, and its IP68 rating means it can stand up to rough weather. 

The lamp also features a power indicator light to easily monitor remaining battery life. With its durable construction, long run time, and bright output, the Nitecore HC33 is one of the best headlamps for night fishing available today.

Advantages Of Using A Headlamp For Night Fishing

Headlamps are a great tool for night fishing because they let you cast and reel without having to hold a lantern or flashlight at the same time. 

The most important advantage of headlamps is their hands-free convenience. With light shining directly from your forehead, you can easily adjust the beam to illuminate exactly where you need it without having to hold a light source. 

Headlamps are also lightweight and adjustable, meaning you can easily move them around as needed when night fishing.

Headlamps from different brands have different features, so it's important to make sure that the one you choose has everything you need to fish at night. 

Look for waterproof and shatterproof models with adjustable beam widths and brightness levels that will help you see clearly in low-light conditions. Also, think about headlamps with different lighting modes, like red or green LEDs. This will help you keep your night vision while still giving you enough light to cast and reel.

Selection Criteria For Finding The Best Headlamp

When choosing the best headlamp for night fishing, there are certain criteria that one should consider. The most important factor is the brightness of the light. 

The best headlamp will give off a lot of lumens and have brightness settings you can change to fit your needs. Additionally, the battery life of the headlamp is also an important factor to consider. Look for a headlamp with a long-lasting battery that can last through multiple nights of fishing.

The next consideration when selecting a headlamp is comfort and convenience. Choose a model that is light and has straps that can be adjusted and a beam angle that can be changed so that you can easily make it fit your needs. 

Additionally, look for a waterproof model, since you'll likely be fishing in wet conditions. Finally, make sure that the model you choose has all necessary safety features, such as a strobe or SOS mode for emergencies.

What To Look For In A Headlamp For Night Fishing?

When shopping for a headlamp for night fishing, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, the brightness and beam width of the headlamp are essential.

You want to make sure it's bright enough to see clearly in the dark and has a wide beam so you can scan your surroundings easily. Additionally, look for lamps that offer multiple light settings, like low, medium, and high beams.

Durability is also important when choosing a headlamp for night fishing. Look for models that can withstand any kind of weather while you're out on the water. They should be waterproof and dustproof.

In addition, check the battery life of the lamp and make sure it will last long enough for you to complete your fishing trip without needing to be recharged or replaced.


When it comes to finding the best headlamp for night fishing, there is a lot to consider. From the brightness of the light to its battery life, each feature and function must be weighed carefully. The Night Buddy headlamp hits all them top features any fished need for night fishing.

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